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Excess Personal Liability / Flood / Group Liability Insurance

Excess Personal Liability/Umbrella – This coverage is the most underused insurance protection available today. The Umbrella policy is designed to provide additional coverage over and above the auto, home, and recreational vehicles in your household. Coverage start s at $1,000,0000 and provides protection for you if responsible for a serious auto accident, or if sued personally – for libel, slander, or after an injury at your home or caused by your children.

Who should purchase an umbrella policy? Anyone with significant assets to lose (homes, cars, saving) or who is a perceived high income earner is a candidate. The idea is to provide a shield between your assets and those who might sue, so you won’t lose everything you’ve worked hard to achieve. Also, those with higher risk exposures – such as homeowners with a pool or trampoline, gun owners, those with teen drivers in the household, and those who hold offices or volunteer for non-profit organizations all have higher potential for serious liability incidents.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage is an Option for Umbrella protection, and is especially recommended for motorcyclists. Don’t assume this coverage is included. Unless your policy specifically says it is included, it isn’t!

It is commonly thought by homeowners that Flood Insurance Coverage is included on a standard home policy. This is not the case – every major company excludes this protection. However, coverage is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

For those living in a flood-prone area, you will be required to purchase flood insurance by your lender when obtaining a home loan – as they are mandated to require by federal law. If you live outside a flood plain, very inexpensive coverage is available under the Preferred Risk Program. With your address, we can generally determine if your home is located within a flood plain.

Our Group Liability program can provide protection for your non-profit, charitable, or civic organization. Coverage includes protection for events and meetings, host liquor liability, officers and more. Many motorcycle groups have taken advantage of this inexpensive program

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