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Properly insuring your home against the unexpected – a fire, storm damage, or a theft – can provide peace of mind. But how do you know if you have enough coverage? We will take the details of your home – size, building materials, number of bathrooms and other features – and compute an estimated replacement cost. Then we’ll review optional coverages to be sure the bases are covered. Also, keep in mind that your homeowners/condo/renter policy provides liability protection if you are sued over a personal matter – someone becoming injured at your home for example. Some options to consider:

Diehl Insurance - Home Owners / Condo Owners-Renters / Mobile Home Insurance - Cincinnati Ohio and Northern KentuckySewer and Drain Back Up – This is our number one home insurance claim. Insurance companies greatly limit the amount of coverage offered in their standard policies – with more available at an additional cost. If you have a lower level, especially if it is finished such as a family room or media room, or if your home has a history of back up problems, be sure you have this coverage.

Earthquake – An inexpensive option to protect you from the Ohio Valley’s “Big One”

Jewelry or other valuables floater – Insurance companies greatly limit the amount of coverage offered for high value/theft target items like jewelry, firearms, cash, coins, collectibles, antiques, electronics, furs, etc. If you own these items, be sure you review coverage before a claim.

Identity Theft Protection – One of the fastest growing crimes in American. Protect yourself by adding this coverage to your home or renter insurance policy.

Even if your Condo association says you are covered on their policy – keep in mind that the association decided when and if to file a claim. If damage occurs that only affects your unit, they may decline to file a claim on your behalf. Also, inexpensive coverage is available for loss assessments imposed by the association.

Renters may not have a lot to lose – but you are 3 times as likely to be burglarized as a homeowner. Protect your possessions now.

Mobile Home coverage is available to repair or replace the market value of your Mobile Home and your personal property. Usually, the home must be secured or tied down to be eligible.

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